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terry cloth hooded towel

Hooded Towel

Sick and tired of changing in awkward places? So are we. That is why we have Kuvrup, a cotton terry cloth hooded towel.

Quick and Easy!
terrycloth hooded towel
terry cloth

Change is Here!

This Changing Towel was designed to help water enthusiasts maximize their time of enjoyment. It allows and facilitates changing in and out clothes and wet gear without the hassles of a towel. No loose towels, no discomfort, no embarrassment.

Stay warm and change in/out of clothes and wet gear quickly and easily. Just slip the hooded towel over your head and relax in cotton comfort. The changing robe is built tough and designed specifically for changing, so movement underneath the garment is free and easy. Full coverage allows you to use both hands, making buttoning and zipping a snap. Who is using our hooded towel? All Water Sports Enthusiasts, Beachgoers, and Boaters.

Adios Embarrassment.

swimming towel

Bye bye beach towel.

Let the wind blow and let your mind go, there is nothing to show when using our changing towel.

Don't get caught with your pants down. Buy Kuvrup now and never be emabarrassed again!


beach towel You love the beach? So do we! Let a changing robe make your days in the sand more enjoyable.   terry cloth changing robe Kuvrup and Kids go together like PB&J. Spare Change can pay off big with kids at the beach...  
terry beach towel Hooded Towel vs. the beach towel. towel robes Boating? Buoy a changing towel is a must have on any size boat.

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$59.99 Plus Tax & Shipping

Size Chart
5' and under = Small
5'1-5'10 = Medium
5'11 and up =Large

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Do you have Kuvrup?
• A Hooded Towel allows the user to change in / out of clothes quickly and easily.
• Provides shelter from the elements and preserves warmth & comfort.
• Absorbent Cotton terrycloth facilitates drying quick.
•Adult and youth sizes available • Machine Washable
• Available in Black, Blue and White
• Kuvrup by Sevnforty

surfing A Changing robe can make surfing easier and more fun!
wakeboarding Wakeboard with Spare Change on board.
diving Stay warm and dry after a dive with our changing towel.
swimming Swiming or Diving at the pool? A hooded towel is a perfect 10, dive in.