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pet auto seat cover

Car Seat Cover

Are you tired of leaving the gym or the beach wet and having to drape towels over the seat? Our terry cloth car seat cover keeps auto seats clean and dry!

Stay dry on the fly..
pet car seat cover

No mess, No Stress..

Keeping your car clean isn't just another day at the beach.. Now it will be, no hassles, no mess we confess Dry Spell terry cloth seat covers are the best.

Getting in the car with bathing suits, wetsuits and other wet goods can at times be a difficult process.

Terry cloth auto seat covers are great beceasue they are made for the car and are easy to install and remove. They allow you to get in the car wet, damp, or sweaty from the gym and keep all that smell and mositure out of your car seats. Throw it on the seat after the gym, and stick it in the wash when you get home.

Dry Spell is not only your car seat cover but is also made of 95% Cotton, this provides comfort, absorbs moisture and makes them easy to wash.

Dry Spell helps keep your car clean. Using Dry Spell allows you and your family to get in the car wet or sweaty. The terrycloth seat covers protect your seats by reducing the sand, dirt and grime that is in contact with the leather / fabric. Believe us, if your seats could talk, they would thank you for purchasing Dry Spell.

The beach is what vacations are made for, be sure to reduce any stress and work during your valuable time off. No need to worry about drying off when you have your terrycloth car seat cover.

Look for Dry Spell soon at your local auto parts store or wherever you buy car seat covers. This item is currently SOLD OUT!

Perfect after the boat, beach and Gym!

Dog car seat cover

Our terry cloth dog car seat cover is ideal for taking the dog to the beach, lake or the park. Full seat coverage and easy installation and removal makes our dog seat cover the best on the market.

Terry cloth construction absorbs mud and moisture from the dog and keeps your pet warm on the way home! Just pull it off the seat and throw it in the washing machine. Buy our High quality dog car seat covers today!

Here at solution accessories we love our pets and love to take them along with us to the beach and to the dog park. Our pets have such a great time being dogs that they often return to the car wet and dirty. That is why we saw a great opportunity for our terry cloth car seat covers to be used as a dog car seat cover. It just makes sense, it keeps the car clean, dries off the dog and keeps them warm on the ride home.

We build our products for action sports people who are very hard on their equipment, the 95% cotton terry cloth dog car seat covers are very durable and built to take abuse from you and your pets.

Dog seat cover

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Do you have Dry Spell?
• Available in Black and Tan
• Absorbent 95% Cotton terrycloth absorbs sweat and moisture..
• Protects seats from sweat, moisture, dirt and grime.
• Machine Washable
• Easy to install and remove.

car seat covers Terry cloth car seat covers are great after surfing at the beach!
dog car seat covers Wakeboarding is easier with Dry Spell on board.
pet car seat covers Dry Spell keeps the car dry and you warm and dry after a dive.
terry cloth car seat covers Terrycloth car seat covers are perfect after swimming or diving at the pool.
terrycloth car seat covers Boating? Car seats stay dry and clean after your day on the boat.
cat seat covers Kids tend to make a mess. Keep you auto clean with our terry cloth auto seat cover.
cat car seat covers We can help make your days at the beach relaxing and more enjoyable. Learn more..
auto seat covers Terrycloth auto seat covers are made for the car. No more stuffing beach towels in the headrest.
truck seat covers Dog car seat covers are perfect for your pet and car. Keep the car clean and your pet in comfort.